Weekend at Waterloo | Dig Diary

At the weekend, our veterans, archaeologists, students and volunteers get a much needed break. Find out what they got up to below!

Photos by Chris van Houts.

9th July 2022
Hattie Ford

Battlefield Tour

Far from being sick of battlefields after a week of digging at Waterloo, some of the group just couldn't get enough! Members of the team went on a field trip, stopping at some key First World War battlefield sites and memorials including Tyne Cot and Sanctuary Wood Cemeteries to pay their respects.


The Last Post

To round off their battlefield tour, members of the team were given the chance to visit the beautiful town of Ypres to experience - and take part in - the poignant and moving Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate. The team were honoured to be able to lay a wreath and pay their respects beneath the gate that hundreds of thousands of young men once passed through to go to war - a spot where more than 50,000 of their names are now engraved, marking their enormous sacrifice.

Metal Detecting Weekend

Many of the veterans who try metal detecting during our excavations catch the metal detecting bug, and take it up as a hobby when they go home. This weekend, our expert metal detectorists Olivier, Gary and Moos were on hand to let veterans try their hand with the detector! The team were also able to explain best practice to those who intended to continue the hobby, including how to record and report finds, where not to metal detect, how to detect and dig while respecting heritage sites, and the importance of seeking permission from landowners.


We wouldn't be able to conduct our groundbreaking archaeological excavation at Waterloo, or deliver our life-changing veteran support, without the generosity of our supporters. To help us continue our work and support those who have served their country when they need it the most, please consider making a donation.

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