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Ukrainians at waterloo | Day 3

On Day 3, we meet some of our international team! 

Read on to watch our daily video, meet the team, and learn all about our discoveries so far...

Over the years, we've been joined by Belgian, Dutch, German, Australian, American, Mexican, British and Danish veterans on our annual excavation.

This year, for the first time, we were pleased to welcome two Ukrainian veterans into the fold. Find out more about Oleksii and Vasyl, as well as Mads, a German serving soldier, and Moos, a Dutch veteran. 

Meet the team

Peter Ginn - known as Fonz to the team -  is the creator of the daily videos recapping our 2023 excavation. Peter is best known for his work on the BBC's popular Historical Farm series and other shows including Secrets of the Castle. Having studied archaeology at UCL alongside many of our team members including our CEO Mark, co-founder and Trustee Charlie, archaeologist Stu, Head of Education Vicki and Video Producer Rupert, Peter has been involved in Waterloo Uncovered since the very beginning.

This year, Peter presented several of our virtual tours alongside creating our videos, and called 2023's excavation "an absolute pleasure to be part of".



day three in pictures


Day three saw the first of our virtual tours go live to a global audience of supporters! Elsewhere, the team at the chapel revealed the remains of the walls, giving us an idea of the size and shape of the structure. A musket ball found at the base of the east wall indicates that at least part of the structure was still standing at the time of the Battle.


Today our metal detectorists headed out into the fields to our trenches, between Hougoumont and the Lion's Mound. When used responsibly, metal detecting can be a powerful archaeological tool, and our detectorists came back with a range of musket balls and agricultural parts, all of which were GPS located, flagged and recorded before making their way to our finds table.

We wouldn't be able to support veterans like those on this years dig, or continue our groundbreaking archaeology work, without the generosity of our supporters and donors.

Please consider making a donation today as we help even more veterans find peace from war. 

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