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exploring the forgotten quarry | Day 5

Today, we take a closer look at the forgotten quarry near Hougoumont farm.

Read on to watch our daily video, meet the team, and learn all about our discoveries so far...

One of the two features we are excavating near Hougoumont farm this year is the site of a former quarry. In 2017, we uncovered several brick kilns during our excavations at Hougoumont, and we have now uncovered the quarry where the clay used in the kilns was likely dug. 

Find out more about the site with archaeologists Dr Stuart Eve and Dominique Bosquet.

Meet the team

Audrey is a French archaeologist who studied History of Art and Archaeology at the University of Toulouse, and completed her Masters at the University of Lyon. Her research involved an analysis of quern stones in the Neolithic, a field in which she has continued to contribute.

Developing her career across the UK and France, Audrey has been involved in a range of sites, including Roman villa’s, numerous stratified urban sites in London across zone 1 and a WWI mass grave. Since working as a Project Officer in France, Audrey has continued her professional development, training in anthropology at the University of Bordeaux in 2014.

Audrey is currently working as a Finds Officer for our partner Museum of London Archaeology, and is responsible for Waterloo Uncovered's 5000+ finds from the Waterloo battlefield.

Audrey Charvet

day Five in pictures


Today, we took advantage of the good weather to drag the finds table out into the sun, where Glasgow student Michael and veteran Clem got to work cleaning the previous week's finds. Elsewhere, University College Roosevelt students Etienne and Lisa got their 15 minutes of fame by creating short videos for their university, covering their experience on site - and Lisa even tried her hand at modelling in a photoshoot of our new merchandise! 


In the chapel trench, even more of the structure of the chapel including the floor is being revealed thanks to the hard work of the team. We were also joined by a tour group led by historian Barney White-Spunner, who visited our excavation site to learn more about our discoveries. 

We wouldn't be able to support veterans like those on this years dig, or continue our groundbreaking archaeology work, without the generosity of our supporters and donors.

Please consider making a donation today as we help even more veterans find peace from war. 

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